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Security Grilles

Wall mounted (bolted)

Robust and expertly installed security grilles will give you the peace of mind of knowing that your home, family or business is in safe hands.

No matter if you’re in a commercial or domestic property, guarding the safety of all inhabitants, valuables and priceless assets is of paramount importance. Security grilles are among the best forms of protection to install in any environment, especially in busy town centres and built up urban areas.


Bay Window

Security grilles, applied to both doors and windows, are remarkably effective in discouraging would-be thieves, intruders, vandals or trespassers. Not only is the design specification of all of our security grilles hugely robust, it is also a permanent fixture that is less likely to be targeted or undermined


Flat Window

The strength of our bar grilles, security mesh grilles and bar grille doors ensures that your property is comprehensively protected against vandalism, criminal damage, intrusion and theft.


Shaped Window

If you are worried about a lack of security on your premises, expertly installed security grilles will provide you with peace of mind. Speak to our friendly and knowledgeable security team to satisfy any queries or specific requirements you may have.

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